10 most Coolest Games for iPhone and iPad

Good present for all users of Apple technology was and remains a gift card. There are a relatively new masterpiece and well-forgotten Best Games for ios that quietly and without fuss appeared on the App Store.

1. Human Resource Machine

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Cool puzzle game, the passage of which would require basic programming knowledge and logic.

The real coders will find it easy and banal, but those who did not connect his life with monotonous coding, with pleasure will execute the first 20-30 jobs. To pass the mission with the maximum level or full completion of the storyline will have to sweat.

The player will have with the basic set of commands create an algorithm to accomplish the task. First will be the banal strumming and sorting data, and later need to look for unique values, to chain and special order.

The game is fully localized, translated all the tasks, tips and training.

For whom: recommend the game for novice programmers to training, people with a mathematical turn of mind, and fans of non-standard puzzles. Humanitarians safely pass by.

2. Space Marshals 2

The sequel to the popular mobile platforms isometric shooter. The game will be beautiful graphics, varied levels , nd several endings.

Almost any location can be overcome in stealth mode and break in and crumble all enemies. Breaks will have to equip our fighter, because with each mission, the number of enemies will grow.

Go through the last 20-30 minutes of a firefight without death will not be for every fan of shooters.

For whom: the game will appeal to all fans of shooters and games with covert missions.

3. Concrete Jungle

Such a casual puzzle game with elements of collecting and leveling of the deck. The player must build up the terrain with various buildings, combining positive and negative effects of each.

There is a good storyline, which helps to understand the basics of the game, understand the characteristics of most buildings and master all the characters in the game. Then you can play with random assignment to improve the city or fight in duels with opponents.

The game is very replayable, a lot of cards and abilities of the main characters allow you to create an infinite number of combinations of different houses, factories and enterprises, getting maximum profit.

For whom: appeal to all who love the game about city development, it would be interesting for fans of unusual puzzles and colocotroni applications.

4. Transistor

The game has long moved from the console world on iOS, for its development to meet the creators of the famous masterpiece Bastion.

An exciting indie RPG about traveling through a futuristic maze of a girl with her programmable with a sword. It is with the latter and connected with the main theme of the development of the game. As you progress through the player will discover new abilities and skills, umeschayas the most useful within the memory of the sword.

There is quite a long interesting story with tactical turn-based battles.

For whom: for fans of light mobile RPGs and fans of Bastion.

5. Bully: Anniversary Edition

At the time this “school GTA” has passed me by, initially, in 2005, the game was only a console and in a few years when it was ported to the PC, I had plenty of other interesting projects.

Was pleased with the game after the release on iOS, and recommend you. Growing up a troubled teen into a specialized school is not inferior in richness to the adventures of bandits in any of the games of series GTA.

We are a small, but rich open world with many major and minor tasks, several vehicles and a dozen weapons. You can become a diligent student and attend all classes, completing mini-games, and can become a true leader of a local gang.

For whom: appeal to all who prefer games with open world and freedom of action of the main character.

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

At the moment it is the best, and large-scale creation of Rockstar Games on mobile platforms. A game from 2004 is still striking in its diversity.

Huge area, lots of missions, gangs, relationships, upgrading cars, buying property, business development, main character customization, side missions, finding hidden items etc. Everything is available right on the screen of the iPhone and iPad.

You can go to any of the previous games in the series, but in San Andreas, we could “sticky” for hours.

For whom: for all fans of the GTA series and those who did not miss a decent action with a third person.

7. Titan Quest

The best analog Diablo for iOS. The game holds about 60 hours of gameplay with the leveling, skill tree and hundreds of different weapons.

Here good old-school graphics, convenient control and Russian-language localization.

For whom: for fans of the long-running RPG.

8. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

One of the coolest port with more advanced gaming platforms, which should be in the collection of any aspiring Jedi.

In the game, the main emphasis is on roleplaying and nonlinear transmission. Get ready with the development of the hero, dialogues with different outcomes and many of the secondary characters in your way.

For whom: for those who at the time missed this masterpiece on consoles and PC definitely should play fans of the Star Wars universe.

9. GRID Autosport

To date, this is the best racing game on iOS. The game squeezes all the juice out of the iPhone and iPad to give a decent picture.

There are many tracks, disciplines, and cars, basic tuning settings of the machine and various types of single or team competitions.

There is no donation ending of gasoline and endless open packs with useless stuff. Only race in all its manifestations.

For whom: the game for all fans of motor racing, the game settings will give you the flexibility to pick up complexity from simple arcade games to complex simulation.

10. Heroes of might and Magic III

In the direction of the game and the developers at the time had a lot of complaints and negative reviews. One did not like the absence of a continuing series of heroes on iOS, others were unhappy is a bit strange running, others wanted to get the random map generator.

Despite all this, the legendary game is still one of the best turn-based strategy games on all platforms.

iOS is no exception – players will appreciate the long-lasting company, and those who knows the story of third heroes, you can suggest a download of third-party cards, which web countless.

For whom: for all fans of the genre and fans of the HOMM turn-based strategy.


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