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The modern part of Dark Souls too friendly to the player. Nominally complex, but are are not. In this regard, you just can’t leave behind the failed original Souls, from which they went hardcore glory series.

It really is different. Exactly. Instead of describing all aspects, as in the recent review, the third incarnation of the dark, just apply to the video impressions of Dark Souls I.

This is a really difficult game, the passage of which will adorn the order of patience any track record. The gameplay is addictive and is based on the victory at the expense of gain in experience and knowledge. But the only star, whose light eclipses all other achievements, is a masterpiece design locations.

The entire set of available zones is closely related. A compact little world in which it is possible to move very quickly, if you remember the path.

It’s amazing how after 10 hours of travel on the slopes of the mountains, and then into the depths of the caves, you find yourself in a familiar place, opening the gate of a dilapidated tower. And from here, close to mother Temple of Fire.

It happens that the first fire in the beginning is the most proximal to the boss at the end. You just have to visit four places, to shift the bridge to throw the stairs and open a heavy gate.

Still wonder how made of natural constraints. Absolutely dark dungeon it is possible to pass. But still better to defer to the appearance of something glowing in the inventory.

Or sunken ruins where the ghosts are. The damage they can inflict, but also imposing on themselves a temporary curse. Cursed items in his pocket only two. They fall down with the ghosts reluctantly.

Fear of dying and losing precious object will make very slow to move forward, memorizing every wall, from which will come the enemy. In return you will meet the seller of the cursed object. Now you can open the cut and move on to the next part of the zone.

Same with Catacombs. First you learn to fight with new enemies. Then understand the basis of the location of dozens of detours. Then comes the realization that the necromancers in the hidden room raise skeletons, and do not respawn. Little find and kill the necromancers. It turns out to go further. At the end of the pit with dangerous enemies. Finding the third (!) the way down to the bottom of the pit, you stumble upon a fire, and are now able to do training for the final sweep.

Gradually moving through the locations, you learn, find, remember, feel more confident. The developers not only worked on the architecture level and give them secrets, but also took into account the psychological factor. What the player will guess in a moment of what must learn where to die from surprise.

Pale attempts to repeat such approach to creation of locations is not impressive, even within the same series. The unique feature for which is to love the hated Dark Souls at number one. It will remain in memory. Most of the deaths, curses and delights — it is here.

However, Dark Souls failed to have it all. Fresh, unique feature spoil some bad choices.

You can often hear stories about how someone repeatedly removed Dark souls from your computer after the next portion of rage. It attracts the dark side of the force, but pushes like a wire under tension. Sometimes it is very difficult to sustain.

I couldn’t begin for several years due to problems with management and the crooked rapids. Yes, I must say that I’m a fan of passing only with rifts. So much more complex and much more interesting. Magic, heavy armor and blocking with shields is very much change the experience. Not for the better.

In the first part of the battle system is still old-fashioned. You can live with, but fun is not enough. What is really annoying, you do not normally play! It’s not even complexity, and taking away time and nerves. From the awkward platforming to multiple races from distant fires.

You have to be really brave and merciless to yourself. Fall in all holes, because they can be cutting, fires or continuation locations. There is even a place where you have to go on the air, focusing on the falling snowflakes. Something dies inside of you with every wrong step.

No one says anything. To just be within yourself. It might sound intriguing, but actually this idea comes to the absurd. Weapons upgrade system is so confusing that I stayed until the very end with the sword “+5”, so it did not understand. What can kindle fires, I realized too late. And it’s pretty basic stuff!

It’s only a few examples. The problem is much bigger. For example, I for the whole game and never changed the set of the wanderer. Just haven’t found the appropriate light armor under his fighting style. At all. The sword changed only once. Had to carry a heavy durochku — favorite katana somehow stroked opponents.

The farther, the more visible imbalance. To the four kings I have lost faith in happiness, running marathons in New Londo, and put for experiment set Havel. So, all the final bosses you can go through just by standing in place and pressing in turn the button hit of estus!

This is not some kind of cheat, this is what the game brings us. Can’t shake the feeling that she could be much more thoughtful. But all the efforts went on location, and too strong was the desire to make “more difficult.” That’s just messed up with “inconvenient”.

The main opponents are either easy or very unpleasant. Hands down, when you realize that you spend five minutes just to reach the doors out of the fog (ITA) that will take a lot of attempts to understand what is happening (Bed of Chaos) or that the spear had not stuck in the column, while rushing to the side of the hammer (the worst part of Anor Londo).

No, there are good representatives (two). But the mechanics of rifts, not so responsive as in the following parts, does not to enjoy them.

Bosses, maybe, plain, but very different and looks great. That’s not the only kind of knights in armor: a white wolf SIF with a sword in his mouth, the magic dragon with tentacles and a huge bestiary. In the design of the NPC and bosses have even one fan.

The passage of Dark Souls takes about 60 hours. All of a sudden the game ends on the U, the man with a fiery sword. Without any questions, start New game+. It is also very angry. Have to go again to fight with the bosses add-on “Artorias of the Abyss”. I don’t even know why.

Dark Souls is really causing the anger and undermining under you chair. The second part is awfully difficult locations and bosses, but they, with rare exceptions, honest. Here you are just trying to be annoying, putting spokes in the wheel in the way of a smooth, interesting gameplay.

Repeating his words from the video, Dark Souls II looks very shaped, smooth, interesting of the entire trilogy. Third — sparse on content, trying to reach the original, but talasasa on all fronts. The first is great in its concept. Prevents only an irritant.

Dark Souls I deserves 8 points out of ten for the return of the challenge to the masses and level design that is not just anywhere. Dark Souls II will remain the only one without a review of the Game Journey. Let’s just say it fit to put nine. The last half a point for the hottest three bosses Supplement “Crown of the Old Iron King”.

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