To the output of the Odyssey is the best Mario in the history

Right now the charts and rankings are torn to shreds from the coming of the Super Mario Odyssey. But I have no Switch, I remember that one Mario who 20 years ago was and continues to be the best.

When we got Super Mario Bros. 3 Dendy — it was a real breakthrough. After the first part, which went together with the prefix, and the third seemed heavy, immense, “real”, not “9999 in 1”.

There was unusual items such as inventory and card making arcade platformer more than that, and plenty of secrets. Not just a lot! In Mario 3 spoke every yard.

I had 2 TV’s, color and black-and-white with a tremendous screen. In the late 90’s we often played with friends in Super Mario Bros. 3, using usually the second option for obvious reasons.

Looking back at these memories and comparing them with completed yesterday, passing through, I can say that exactly this old-school Mario is the best in the series. Now Nintendo makes masterpieces, many don’t remember the console so ancient times, so my application need to be justified.

Each segment of level sets in a new situation.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is an 8-bit NES and Famicom consoles. The first release occurred in Japan on 23 October 1988. It turns out, I’m older than six months.

By the way, Super Mario Bros. 2 was nothing like the Canon. It was possible to fly with Princess Peach and throw the excavated bushes. Even if it gets on the print cartridges, it is puzzling. The next part is back to the traditions and demonstrated an impressive evolution.

The leaders of the development was made by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. Some of the most talented workers of the Nintendo, remaining and is now at the helm of the series The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin and Mario.

Management of honest — to ride on such small platforms, without swearing.

At once I will tell why I am a supporter of the platforming of Mario, not Sonic, for example. Feature of Mario from the first SMB performs “chess” gameplay.

Every inch of the level — honed puzzle that needs to be addressed in an optimal way and to comply with the minimum clear movements. Right to be wrong is not always. Overdo it and learn.

A key role in this approach plays a game design. Here he is excellent. How the player is introduced to control without the use of text, bring in a sample.

Have to die a lot. Very. The complexity is high and, again, honest.

In the beginning, we are faced with a map of the first world. Yes, there is a map with nonlinear passage and secret passages. All in the game 8 kingdoms worlds with large maps in different thematic areas.

The fact that the children of Bowser, Coalinga have stolen the kings magic wands and turned those in different animals. The finals of each Kingdom is the assault of the airship the next Koopaling. With the noise of the Armada of cannons, the heat of the fire units and the boss, waiting in the hold. The usual dark castles here are far more common.

In the end, of course, it turns out that Bowser was a distraction so the attention of the brothers, while he kidnapped the Princess Peach. Except for the damned ice will visit the desert in the tubular Bush, in the clouds. Movement on the map creates a greater effect adventure and planning.

The coolest level where everything is HUGE.

The levels are very small, for 2 minutes max. Modern developers that make the arcade levels for 8-15 minutes, you have a ruler hand to beat. Hey, Sonic Team. A pleasure to replay, constant variety, to throw does not want.

Standard platforming left to right, breaking bricks and jumping on enemies. Now you can still pick up and throw some objects. Mario susceptible to inertia. It’s unusual, but the architecture of the levels and sharpened it for this. Responsive control, in spite of inertia.

The game is extremely difficult. All 8 worlds need to pass at a time, without sequels, knowing cutting and dispensing items in the later levels. The location and behavior of each enemy you need to remember, but it’s not prohibitively difficult task, affects the master game design.

Those who compare Cuphead with Dark Souls, play it. Chalcography just at the resort resting, not brewed in hell Mushroom Kingdom. Before the concept of complexity was different — that’s how games like Super Mario Bros. 3.

If you want to get to Bowser in the Dark world, nothing will be released without the accumulation of lives. First of all, 100 coins give life. As before, there are ways to fill the maximum lives, kicking enemies without landing. The main source of immortality will be as much as 4 types of bonuses.

On the last screen of the level to knock a star, mushroom, or flower. Three stars give 5 lives for the rest — less. On the map there is a special cell, card, and mushroom houses where you can play mini-games: slot machine, find a couple and three chests. From the chest drop items.

These items are stored on the bottom only on the world map. Before the start of the level, you can dress up in a raccoon suit, and turn into a cloud, to skip complex cell in advance to eat a flower or a star. An important advantage if used where necessary.

Yeah, I forgot to say that it was here that he developed the trick Mario to dress up in costumes. In the new Super Mario Odyssey you can transform into enemies. The gameplay changes completely in such moments. Here the transformation does not knock you out of rhythm, looks like a logical upgrade after the mushroom.

Raccoon, the main mascot of the game, can hit tail first and for long float. Simplifies the platforming. Any damage resets the suit, then resets the gain and kills the already small Mario. The same 3 of a heart, but much more interesting.

Among the items you can have a flute that will allow you to jump to another world. Wandering around the map monkey, and turn into a ship, if you fulfill a number of conditions: match 11-fold the number of coins with a certain last digit of the score and the stopwatch.

Did you know that through the white blocks you can fall into the background behind the scenery? On the mass levels of hidden tunnels and manholes, opening abilities of different costumes and just have a great curiosity. For example, there is a suit that allows you to fly. Even without overclocking. With him in the clouds waiting for surprises.

In a scant set flaws can record insufficient use of non-linearity on the maps and light, monotonous bosses. Latest — big miscalculation. Each house is at one and the same spiked turtle.

The Golden mean between simplicity and excessive embellishment in the Mario series — Super Mario Bros. 3. Two drawbacks above, the happy days of childhood and the urgency of the new passage gives me confidence in the estimate 9 out of 10.

The principle of “replay and learn” applies in full force. The levels are small, not allowed to get tired. Concentrated fun. Nothing more, but a lot excess.

Nintendo puts quality as the top priority, and they all work. Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the same Super Mario World is a great platformer. But Super Mario Bros. 3 remain the Golden mean and the shining gem in the Super Mario series. At least for most peers mustachioed Mario.

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