Why The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a bad game

Now I want to talk about one of the most obschelyubimom and conceptual unusual games in the history of — The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. But this is not a story “with the soul of a great work.”

For starters, you don’t think that I don’t like Zelda or don’t like the stage this series in the era of the Nintendo 64, I would say that Ocarina of Time is a great game. She has a lot of drawbacks, but striking faults are justified and do not interfere with brightening qualities.

When I turned on the Majora’s Mask after Ocarina of Time, it created the same impression, how to create Addons for the modern games. The same thing, but less and skakanie.

A sequel or extra Chapter

The story starts with the only true the end of the previous part, Ocarina of Time. The fact that the history of the universe fall it is fiction fans. They showed us how to link after defeating Ganon returns to his childhood, takes a little of Zelda the Ocarina and Epone riding usocial away from Hyrule.

From this moment starts Majora”s Mask. Will not the Princess and the Lord of darkness, open world and epic story. Instead, offer to solve a small local problem – a boy got ancient mask that has distorted his personality. It is necessary to take.

Do you understand now? This is the whole story. Nominally plays and looks like previous adventure about saving the world in two time lines with dozens of key characters. That only reinforces the obvious fact that the major is a small addition in explanation of Ocarinas.

Well, if the same quality, but no. Looks like a classic expansion pack: less content, the action concentrates in the local area, all the old characters, the plot is very small, so it does not interfere in the fabric of the main series. It’s all about Majora”s Mask!

The concept of peace

Dungeons there are only 4. The game world consists of four major zones on the outskirts of the city Clocktown. Model residents Clocktown shameless copied from the inhabitants of Hyrule. But why bother?

Routing has changed. It is necessary to solve the problems of the area: snow mountains, ocean, swamp and canyon. For example, to help wrongfully sentenced monkey. This opens the passage to the dungeon. After killing the four bosses and collect their masks, you can go to the end of the last day to fight Majoras.

And, most importantly, the concept of the game is that you operate within three days. It is necessary to have time to finish things the night of the final day, because then the Moon will fall, and there will be a local Apocalypse. With Ocarina, you can rewind time to the beginning of the first day. All things disappear, in addition to topical importance; all progress will be reset, except for completed jobs.

This concept is interesting, but gives a lot of problems which later. However, the creators were able to implement different things on different days, the objects that are available only at certain times, slightly changing in different periods of the world. Thus, it is necessary to know in advance where and what will happen to all in time. Sounds good.

A pleasant feeling of discomfort

The main advantage of the Majora’s Mask – the atmosphere. You really want to put into the uncomfortable position. Frightening visual images, sad story of the falling Moon. Despair, longing and fear is felt even in locations that are weakly affected by the impending disaster. People start to go crazy or hide behind self-deception.

In the end, the player feels discomfort, if his axe flying back, driving forward. And this game is about death! Yes, that’s the main theme. All fates are connected with the loss, potential or apparent. There is even a possibility that the location associated with the stages of accepting death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression. Behave the main characters jobs at four locations.
With Scull kid under the control of Majora’s Mask we will meet in the plot and the final scenes. But behind the scenes his actions will lead to most of the problems have counter-characters.

The problems of the plot – if link dead?

Majors mask does not know what the game is and who she wants to be. It seems to be a frightening, oppressive atmosphere, but a small child in the lead role. The child in the role of villain with their problems by type “me hurt other children.” And this resentment is a thread through the entire character of the villain. What a snotty, no one surrendered, kindergarten problems near the intimidating face of a falling moon?

As soon as we get to the main location after the prologue, we are not sneaking into the castle with not found anywhere else mechanics of stealth, we are not looking for the elder-hermit with magical artifact, like the SNES. We need to get the code to enter the secret hideout with the local children. For this we need to find five kids playing with you hide and seek on the streets!

Even if you omit the factor of “what the hell am I doing”, we slip obvious side-quest as the main! For such tasks the normal award is part of the heart, not progression. This is not saying that I stood around the clock tower for 10 minutes waiting for midnight.

By the way, if you let the moon fall on the first day, link will be at the seller’s masks, and will learn new tunes like rewind back time as intended. You know, here I was starting to believe the theory that link is dead, and this whole game is a figment of the imagination of his fading brain.

Very interesting theory, by the way. Staging scenes such illogical, Jumpy and sketchy that shouts about its viability. The same masonica that between two frames jumped over the chair hitherto non-existent piano and suddenly began to play. Link falls into a bottomless hole and finds himself in another world. Whence did Epona. At least suspicious of such oddities.

If you collect all the masks, four kids on the moon will ask them to yourself as a gift. You can give away precious possessions and pass 4 tests. Then the final boss of link to meet in the guise of an Evil deity.

Short stories of the characters

Overall, the plot is tolerable, if we forget about its scarcity and dissonance adult atmosphere with childish dialogue. There are many little stories. Literally a single line. For example, my daughter has locked up the Pope, who researched zombies and he turned into the undead. That’s all we know. Link frees the man and daughter hugging. This is a lot, and it was good.

Here also is the home of the Zora, and Goranov. There are even ranch Romani. Ranch is the only place that has become more interesting with the previous game. Now there live two sisters. One will need a light to ride in the cart, and on the other to hunt the aliens abducting cows. Yes, there are nice moments but they are fleeting or ruined gameplay.

Fairy Tatum, of course, disproportionately better for the company than Navi, which was unnecessary in-game tooltip, not the character. But as her partner mute, monologues Tatum look like failed thoughts or phrases Link. Do not take where does the character of the fairy, which is, and which start at the replica belonging to the most main character, if he had a voice.

You can find this great side quest. With the story of the landlady and the boy who would like a pair, but he will remain enchanted with the baby. Pretty nice ending, considering that at the time of their reunion to the Apocalypse is guaranteed to stay 2 hours. There’ll be explosions and panic. Quest will take the full three days. Here only it is necessary to know exactly what to do.

The wedding ceremony was the most important thing to him. Naive.

Play and collect

The gameplay generally follows the Ocarina of Time. They took the idea of buying masks, a small quest in the capital of Hyrule, and launched it into a new game. Added a lot of small chips and a lot of mini-quests like finding the best angle for photos on the river.

A bit annoying that manually can not be maintained. You automatically saves at the beginning of each cycle or stroke of the sword on the owl statue, of which only 8 pieces. It is clear, of course, why it’s done, but still you can’t just quit playing at any moment. Time becomes an enemy and in real life.

Besides a huge number of mini-games and several small dungeons with finding bugs (give the prizes valuable, but these bugs without hints or nerves of steel not to find), the global side job in this game you have to help people and collect their masks.

For this it is better to take the Bombers notebook. There is a very conveniently placed pictures of colliding characters with the events of each day. You now know it, and I got a Notepad when he was no longer needed. The game’s not going to report the necessary information for a comfortable passage.

So many people the Term will be to you small quests. Mask awards do not really need. Worse – they need to collect more masks, and in the end to obtain the mask for collecting all the masks. Here is the effective collecting. Using the three transforming masks, in contrast, is very well implemented. Constantly, all the locations will be places where they are needed.

There do love task in the spirit of “find 100500 hidden object”. What efforts for designers minimum, but a full-fledged job and lots of killed time player. In each dungeon flying fairies. They should all find and take Great Fairies that live in caves nearby. They bestow something pleasant. You can even grab a better sword.

And it’s a shame that awards standing, and behind them it is necessary to search already completed the dungeon. Backtracking hell. In Ocarina of Time had to return only for the gold bugs who do not really need.

Game design, terrible fate has befallen you

Never thought I would ever say this in relation to the game, the title of which is “The Legend of Zelda”, but here there are serious shortcomings in the game design. From the beginning in the swamp you can, jumping on platforms, and flowers in the garden Deck. Had to use save statements are on the emulator. And still it took 20 minutes!

There are worse examples. Passing a temple in the swamps and back on the first day, I went in search of money and arrows. Moved to owl at the temple, and there is no way out on the field Terms! The game seems to imply that I will open another fast travel location for this moment. In the end, I was trapped. I had to rewind time, losing a few hours gathering resources and finding the exit!

The monetary system is killed. The shops there are what to buy is they fixed. But then he signed the lack of balance. Near the entrance to the city there are two lizards. They die with the three strikes Goronok and give 50 (!) RS. It is possible with a couple of taps to fill a big purse at the beginning of the first day. What’s the point? Why these crystals hidden in secret places around the world?

Several times I have been in a situation when I didn’t have the right resources, like bombs-and-mouse to explode the ceiling. I not only had to return to the city, wasting half an hour, and sometimes to restart the save. So here are not well thought out level design!

The menu is a little improved. A whole page was devoted to masks: 20 and 4 mask of the dead characters, giving a unique set of abilities.

Once we blamed the underwater temple, because there had to open the interface excessively often to change my shoes. Degraded many times, it is also available in Maggiore! In the Temple of the Stone Tower it is necessary not only to replace the three masks at every step (as for masks there is only one slot, because the other two needed to ocarinas and hook), but on each stone button to play complex, long melody. You will curse everything before you finish.

Some of the mini-games entertaining. For example, chess or maze race in the canyon Goranov. Very exciting pastime. Some tedious and inconvenient. As flights between air platforms. Remember how I complained about the control with these flights? The creators decided that, on the contrary, a good idea, and it would be nice to have a competition on at the time.

But the worst was yet to come. To get the horse, you must complete the shooting training top. To hit 10 targets in less than 40 seconds. It was something like that in the bandit fortress from the previous part, but this was balanced by unobtrusiveness and simplicity.

I seriously have spent on this game for a few hours for many days. And did it with a save game stateme. That is missed the dialogues. It was awful – I wanted to leave and not to suffer.

The whole game is some kind of torture. Does not cling to anything, unlike Ocarina of Time which was not to break away. Majora’s mask had to pass through the power.

Some ideas are ruined. When the fry took the form of notes and settled on a stave (another nonsense, as fish rock concert), I thought that it is necessary to visually determine how to play the right music. And identified correctly. That was interesting. That’s just not worked, in what place near the aquarium never played.

It turns out I somehow lock on to the scientist, to pull out a guitar and the game itself will show you which notes to press. Why? Just because there’s a glimmer of something good!

Designers not only was too lazy to draw a new model, and they still make fun of naive gamers. With the move I remember the only upgrade shield. Link turned her back to the camera, on which hangs a shield. The entire game is available to watch on a scary face in agony. The whole game! Without much choice.

After the game, looking at a video walkthrough, I found that not seen very much. A lot of mini-games scenes. For example, the Zora concert. Yes there is an empty slot in the interface must take a diary with photos and painted by day the Affairs of all the characters Clocktown!

I didn’t see anything. But this is not the situation when I admire the amount of content. This is the case when a lot of extra. Seriously, I’ve already finished the game, and none of this even close didn’t matter. Even if some are lost there is something interesting, the game did not even deign to give to understand that it exists.

The only thing is that the second Zelda on the Nintendo 64 looks better than the first. The console is definitely required for it, the expansion memory of 4 megabytes. I would not want to draw Parallels, but again – will buy our addition to the console, to buy addition to our best game. So whether that thought in Nintendo?

Disappointing findings

The analysis came out quite large, given that there are no detailed descriptions of gameplay features. Read it in the review of Ocarina of Time. In this article I have laid out my impressions of the first passage. The expression of the disturbance resulted in 2 thousand words. I don’t even have screenshots done – so I don’t like the game.

You understand what will be the outcome. A couple of successful innovations, unusual and gloomy atmosphere, interesting concept with time. This is the positive side.

Another complexity. This part is much many times more complex than the previous. That’s why she doesn’t seem short. But this cannot be attributed to the pluses. The difficulty in most situations achieved curve camera, constant crashes, inconvenience of management, lack of resources.

Some errors in the calculations lead to the return on the first day; others listening to the same dialogues dozens of times. The game is simply blatantly taking your time, making it difficult to play.

As you want cons: poor balance in the game mechanics and storyline, little new content, a lot of annoying moments, aimless gathering new skills, make management even more stressed and uncomfortable.

The lowest rating in the history of my reviews and strict instructions to never play in a piece of game code called The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I like Scull kid, found this 34-megabyte ROM, which overshadowed me a look of despair and hatred. That is quite a achievement to break the fourth wall.

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